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Tips for a Less Stressful Move

Typically when someone talks about moving, their general mood is... stressed out. You're excited for the new home, but the process of getting there is not nearly as exciting. I get it! In my 14 years of marriage, we have moved about 10 times, including an out of state move. I've picked up some tips and tricks along the way. Each move has been slightly smoother than the last. I'm also a little odd in that I actually like packing and unpacking. I can't wait to break out the boxes and packing paper and get going.

The team here at Sadler would love to assist you with move management in any way you need, but I know some of us are DIYers. So, I thought I would share some resources and tips that will hopefully make your move just a little less stressful.


The Moving Timeline

Don't stress if you can't hit these estimated timeframes. Use this as more of a To Do list if you need to. I think the most time sensitive item on the list is to get your Moving Company scheduled. Do this as soon as you have a move date to ensure that you get your ideal date.


Change of Address & Utilities to Transfer

We often focus so much on the packing part of the Moving Process that we forget all the tiny details. The good news is, it's really easy to get most of these items accomplished.


Moving Supplies

Break out the tape gun and get to work! Here are some of our must-haves for moving.

  • Boxes: I highly recommend a reusable box service. I personally used these in my last move and I'll never go back to cardboard. They are uniform in size, so the movers can stack them nicely in the truck. Plus, there is no box breakdown and disposal added to your To Do list. I can't recommend enough. I did still use some cardboard for things I knew I wouldn't get to unpacking anytime soon (seasonal items, storage items) and also for oddly shaped items or specialty boxes (lamps, wardrobe, etc).

  • Tape: Splurge on the tape gun. It's worth it.

  • Sharpies & Labels: Come up with a labeling system and stick to it. If someone helps you pack, make sure they use the same labeling system as you.

  • Bubble wrap/ Packing paper: Use it freely. Nothing worse than unpacking your favorite vase to discover it broke in transport.

  • Stretch wrap: If you use a moving company, they will likely have this to wrap furniture before moving. I also like to use it to wrap organization bins with the items still in them. Example: the silverware divider. I just wrap it and put the whole thing in a box.

  • Scissors/ Box cutter: Have to get everything unpacked somehow.

I didn't include moving blankets or tie down straps in this list because the moving company will supply those. However, if you are moving yourself, make sure to grab an ample amount.

We hope this information makes your next move as easy as possible! Of course, the easiest way to move is to let Sadler Home Concierge take care of it for you. We can assist with all or any portion of the moving process. Contact us for more information.

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