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Our favorite Amazon kitchen finds

With the holidays just around the corner (how?!) a lot of us will be spending extra time in the kitchen. We went through Amazon to find some of our favorites to kick up your kitchen game just a bit. Even if you aren't much of a chef (ahem...Lindsey...) at least you can have the appearance of someone that knows what they're doing. :)

Goodbye ugly soap bottles, hello simple, clean looking bottles that make washing your hands feel a little more fabulous. We love this simple and affordable upgrade!

How pretty are these!? Great for your Thanksgiving table or just every day drinking glasses.

So this one isn't flashy, but it is amazing! A turntable for your fridge shelf so you can reach all of those sauces and such that are stuck in the back without having to remove all the things. Click the link to see it in action.

We love cute things, but we love cute things that have purpose even more. These gorgeous marble bowls definitely fit the bill. Use them on the dinner table or just next to the stove for some quick seasoning.

Pretty napkins are a must for holiday entertaining. Amazon has SO many options at great price points.

And our cups overfloweth... this decanter will look absolutely beautiful on the dinner table or on your bar cart.

You can shop more of our favorite kitchen finds in our Amazon Storefront.

Looking for something specific? Let us know and we'll hunt it down for you!

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