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Moving into your first dorm? We can help with that!

Make sure you have what you need for a successful dorm move with our tips and packing list.

It's hard to believe that Back to School season has already arrived. Depending on the age of your children, that could mean new boxes of crayons and kid-friendly scissors, or, it could mean the daunting college move-in. While we can't make time slow down so you can enjoy more days with your precious kids, we can try to make the transition process as simple as possible. We've put together some ideas for what we are deeming the College Dorm Essentials and, of course, there's a handy printable version available for you as well.

We hope this helps, and if just the list isn't enough, send us a message or give us a call, we can help!

To sleep:

Aside from the obvious bedding and pillows, we have a few other items that we would add to the list.

  • Mattress protector: Keep the shared mattress allergens off of you and keep any accidental spills off the mattress.

  • Back rest pillow and tray: When you're limited on space, the bed may become the couch, too. Make it as functional as possible for yourself.

To live:

  • Fan: We especially love one that heats and cools.

  • Comfortable chair and ottoman: If you have space for it, this is a great way to cozy up your room.

  • Drawer liners and/or organizers: Maximize your space, minimize your germs. Plus, it makes things feel more homey.

  • Specialty hangers: Aside from the obvious hangers, you may want to consider some like this to maximize your closet space.

To bathe:

  • Robe: Even if you don't have to use a shared bathroom, a robe is a nice option to have while you get ready.

  • Storage caddy: We love a storage caddy. A makeup turn table, a shower caddy, a hair tool storage caddy. Depending on your set up, these can all help keep your items handy and accessible without taking up too much space.

  • Towel hook: If you don't have built in towel bars, make sure to grab an over the door option.

To study:

  • Bulletin board: Great for hanging a calendar or important notes... or the card your mom sent you last week. :)

  • Surge protector: Some schools don't allow this, so make sure you check before bringing one.

  • Headphones: For the ultimate concentration... or distraction...

To eat:

  • Coffee machine: Grabbing a Starbucks every morning sounds great until you're running late to class.

  • To go cups: Something to carry the previously mentioned coffee to class in.

  • Mini fridge: If your dorm doesn't have this included, we really think this one is cute!

  • Filtering water pitcher: A great way to reduce plastic water bottles. Good for the environment and your storage space.

To clean:

  • Mini vacuum: Sometimes, dorms have a shared vacuum for everyone, but we like that you can get a mess cleaned up quickly before it spreads.

  • Wrinkle releaser: A great alternative to an iron. Pretty sure this is all we used in college- not sure if that's good or bad.

All the extras:

  • Rain boots and an umbrella: It's probably going to rain and you're still going to have to walk to class. Save your shoes!

  • Command strips: The best way to decorate.

  • Tool kit: You never need a screwdriver except when you don't have one.

  • First aid kit: Stock one of these in your room and add in some of your most used medications like Advil or Tums.

We hope this was helpful! Don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance shopping or setting up your dorm room or apartment.

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