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Decorative Books We Love

I know there are mixed feelings on the coffee table book trend. Some are sick of it. Some don’t see the point in buying a book to never read it. Some of us *ahem* just really love pretty things and we love them on display.

Books are such a great way to bring together a shelf, a console, a coffee table… any little area that you are trying to decorate. The best books, in my opinion, are ones that bring you joy. I love finding books that I think will reflect my clients’ interest and personalities, not just ones that are pretty. Although, I do really like pretty ones, too.

Here’s a few of my favorites to use that MAYBE you haven’t seen before (ie. Not going to list the epic TOM FORD or AD that you see in every beautiful Pinterest post)

Hope you enjoy. And if you are looking for a specific kind of book, just ask! We love to discover and share new ideas. :)

For the cowboy:

American Cowboy




For the beach babe:

Surf Like a Girl


Surf Tribe

Surf Shack

For the sneaker head:

The Dunk Book

Sneakers x Culture

Soled Out

For the musician:

Dolly Parton

No Cameras Allowed

The Decade That Rocked

The Extras :

Alabaster Bible

Eat Drink Nap

How to Split Wood, Shuck an Oyster, and Master Other Simple Pleasures

Resident Dog

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