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Concierge Home Management FAQs

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

When we tell people that we specialize in Home Management, we often get asked what that means. Isn't that something just for the uber rich and famous? Nope. If you would rather spend your precious extra time with your family and friends rather than taking care of your house, then home management is for you!

What does a Home Manager Do?

Think of your Home Manager as your assistant. We tackle the To Do List items so you can relax with your family when you're home. Typically, we visit once per week to get the house reset for you.

For most of our clients, that looks like:

  • weekly grocery store trips

  • laundry services

  • scheduling handyman repairs

  • managing the house cleaners or other home service providers

Home Management for Secondary Residences

We also assist with homes that aren't occupied full time. We provide peace-of-mind checks for your home on a weekly basis and also prep the home before you arrive to town by making sure groceries are stocked and linens are fresh. Don't worry, we'll get it all reset after you leave, too. Check out our unoccupied home packages.

Project Based Services

If you don't need ongoing services, we can also help. Perhaps you have a project that you just can't seem to knock out. We also offer many project based or a la’ cart services. You do not have to have a monthly package to utilize our services.

  • Organization

  • Short term rental furnishing & styling

  • Decorating

  • Renovation management

  • Move Management

What if I need more help?

We can do so much more than what's mentioned here. You are always able to add in extra hours for any special needs that come up above and beyond your normal weekly services.

If you're looking for some extra help around the house, give us a call! We can come in and help on an ongoing basis or just a one-time refresh to get you back on track.

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