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Best Amazon Decor

Yes, we always prefer to shop local when we can, but sometimes Amazon is the right answer. We’ve bought and returned many home decor items from Amazon and we think we can point you in the right direction on some of our tried and true favorites.

Can’t wait to see what you think!

Love this for laying in a bowl or on top of a book. The price here is for two so grab one for yourself and use the other as a gift.

In my head, this is for salt. But honestly, put skittles in it for all I care. It’s cute and adds a great touch to your countertop or dining table.

I’ve bought these 4 times for different projects and my own house. If you’ve got a big area to cover but don’t want to spend a fortune on giant artwork, these do the trick amazingly!

Practical decor, gotta love it! You can fill these up with your oil of choice (comes with a bunch of labels to choose from) and display on the open shelving or countertop.

Simple, yes. But if you’ve ever been searching for these around town you know they are hard to find (Kirklands has the best) and/or expensive.

Yes, the fiddle fig still reigns as the faux houseplant of choice, but if you want to change it up this olive tree is *chef’s kiss*.

Amazon is a great place to find a pair of lamps. But make sure you check the dimensions. The photos can be deceiving on size!

Looks super expensive, but the price point is so reasonable. This is a great to add to your nightstand or shelves on top of a coffee table book or two.

If you have a big coffee table or console in the house, I love this for displaying your favorite book.

Check out our full list of favorites. We are always adding more as we find them!

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